Malpractice Attorneys with the Right Credentials

Malpractice attorneys with actual medical experience and credentials are rare but that’s what our clients get with Collopy & Carlucci. You have the benefit of working with two experienced attorneys: The LawDuo. Together, Alice Collopy and Michael Carlucci have the knowledge of the healthcare industry and know exactly how to manage a malpractice case.

Medical Malpractice

malpracticeDo you know if you or a family have been a victim of medical negligence? You have questions and we have the answers for you. If you believe a health care provider caused a delay in your treatment leading to a more serious condition, contact us.



Not every attorney is a litigator. Alice Collopy & Michael Carlucci have been litigating cases in the courtroom for a total of 60 years.


Surrogate Practice

Senior parents may need help in day-to-day decisions. A disabled child may not be able to care for herself once she reaches 18. A Guardian may be the solution.


Nursing Home Litigation

Nursing home placement seems to be an inevitable part of our lives. Each patient is entitled to respect and dignity.


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