About Us

Collopy & Carlucci

Malpractice Attorneys in New Jersey and New York

Malpractice attorneys with actual medical experience and credentials are rare but that’s what our clients get with Collopy & Carlucci. You have the benefit of working with two experienced attorneys: The LawDuo. Together, Alice Collopy and Michael Carlucci have the knowledge of the healthcare industry and know exactly how to manage a malpractice case.


Competence forms the basis for knowledgeable, experienced legal advice. It imparts an understanding of complex medical issues, and insight into comprehensive legal and medical data.


Compassion provides for considerate understanding of each client and his or her needs, and a structured framework for their resolution.


Commitment offers the dedication and attention needed to promptly initiate appropriate steps and move client cases forward on a timely basis.

Competence, compassion and commitment is the combination that makes the Law Duo the law practice to take your case.

 Our Goal

malpractice attorneysThe goal of Collopy and Carlucci is to provide a dedicated, compassionate and focused framework for the benefit of our clients.

One role of a litigator is to win the resources to overcome or compensate for the harm his/her client has suffered. Initially, a litigator must achieve success through jury verdicts, but as her/his reputation grows, so do the opportunities for pre-verdict settlement. These are often in the client’s best interest because they preclude further delay, and are an assured result. Both Ms. Collopy and Mr. Carlucci possess that level of achievement and acumen to offer their clients.

Their work covers a broad range of cases as shown on the Areas of Practice page. For clients in the North Jersey area, they also provide standard services involved with guardianships.

Free consultation is available to members of the profession and to potential clients throughout the country to explore the application of these services to specific cases.