Medical Malpractice Cases

medical malpractice cases won by Collopy and Carlucci imageMedical Malpractice Cases We Have Won For Our Clients

The list below shows the medical malpractice cases we have won for our clients.Together, Collopy & Carlucci, P.C. represent a total of sixty years of experience in the personal injury – medical negligence field. Their accomplishments include numerous multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements for their clients.

Medical Malpractice Cases 

Result  Case 
$21,700,000 for a young boy who had suffered brain damage at the time of labor and delivery.
$5,600,000 for a 65 year old first responder who suffered from a delay in diagnosis and treatment of a spinal infection, resulting in paralysis.
$4,900,000 for a 20 year old woman who was not properly cared for while on a respirator. She had a cardiac arrest and is permanently brain damaged.
$4,500,000 for a stock trader who developed an infection in his spinal column after a diagnostic procedure. He is left with constant pain and the inability to work.
$3,187,000 for a 45 year-old man who suffered a serious fracture of his leg leaving him unable to walk without a brace (North Carolina).
$3,000,000 a 50 year-old woman who underwent complex cardiac surgery, post operatively she suffered an heart rhythm disturbance that went unnoticed because the equipment was not properly calibrated.She went into cardiac arrest resulting in brain damage.
$3,000,000 for a forty-three year old man whose ulcerative colitis had been misdiagnosed, resulting in radical surgery to him.
$3,000,000 for brain damage to a child during heart surgery.
$3,000,000 for a 48 year old woman who suffered from an intraoperative tear of her abdomen following a hysterectomy, resulting in short bowel syndrome.
$2,300,000 for a woman whose breast cancer was not diagnosed on a routine mammogram.
$2,000,000 for the death of a 58-year old breast cancer patient; Delay in diagnosis.
$1,900,000 for failure to diagnosis a rib tumor in a 16 year old boy.
$1,750,000 for a child neurologically injured at birth.
$1,600,000 to the estate of a 43 year old man whose pneumonia was not properly diagnosed or treated, resulting in respiratory distress and death.
$1,450,000 for a NYC police officer who after knee surgery developed blood clots that were not diagnosed, resulting in his suffering a blood clot to his lungs rendering him permanently unable to work.
$1,250,000 for a young woman who developed Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy because of a failure to properly treat an infection.
$1,200,000 for the mammography mis-read and clinical failure to diagnosis breast cancer in a 60 year-old woman.
$1,200,000 for a child on Staten Island who suffered from ERBs Palsy during delivery.
$1,200,000 for the estate of a man who was improperly intubated during arthroscopic surgery. This was the first million dollar verdict in that county.
$1,000,000 in North Carolina against Lowes Stores and Kemlite Manufacturing for unsafe exposure to hazardous fiberglass sheeting.
$1,000,000 for the Estate of a young woman whose breast lump was not evaluated by her doctor, resulting in a delay in diagnosis and her death.
$975,000 for a woman whose hip became infected following hip replacement surgery, resulting in widespread infection, pain and inability to sit or ambulate.
$950,000 for neurological injury during open heart surgery.
$950,000 for a delay in diagnosis of prostate cancer resulting in the spread of the disease.
$950,000 for a man who suffered from a delay in diagnosis and treatment of his follicular cancer.
$850,000 for pain and suffering prior to the death of a 32 year old single man.
$850,000 for a child who developed an ERB’s palsy from birth.
$750,000 for the estate of a man whose cancer was treated with inappropriate chemotherapy.
$750,000 to the estate of a rabbi who sustained an injury at a catering hall and whose injuries were then not properly diagnosed or treated.
$600,000 to a woman who sustained horrific and extensive bed sores while a nursing home resident.
$450,000 for a three centimeter scar caused by the physician performing the Caesarean Section for her birth.
$300,000 for failure to diagnosis a post-operative infection after eye surgery.
$200,000 to a woman for failure to diagnose an ovarian torsion in a 32 year old woman.

These are just some of the medical malpractice cases we have won for our clients. To learn more about medical malpractice cases please read our newsletter articles.

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