Learn More About Surrogate’s Practice and Guardianships

The LAWDUO offers legal guardian services to incapacitated persons who may need assistance in making day-to-day decisions and as well as help with overseeing their physical and financial well-being. Both Alice Collopy and Michael Carlucci are experienced in the area of Surrogate’s practice.

Often an incapacitated person requires an independent party to oversee his/her physical and financial well-being. Mental and physical disability can impose restrictions on a person’s ability to care for themselves and live independently. The LAWDUO provides guardianships in the form of decision-making, specifically those involving finances and medical conditions and treatment.

The applications in Surrogate’s court can be very technical and complicated. The LAWDUO has a strong and extensive background in medical malpractice, which is beneficial when helping clients. If you have questions regarding surrogate’s practice, call the LAWDUO.