Trust the LAWDUO for Legal Representation & Counseling

The LAWDUO consists of the legal team of Alice Collopy and Michael Carlucci, who have been representing and fighting for their clients for many years. The LAWDUO offers legal representation and counseling for a number of clients dealing with Medical Malpractice, Surrogate’s Practice, Nursing Home Litigation, Litigation and more.

Alice Collopy has focused on breast cancer litigation. With a particularly successful record with her clients, Ms. Collopy has worked with many claims based on delayed diagnosis of breast cancer that has caused substantial harm to the patient. Ms. Collopy is able to make her clients feel more comfortable with the assistance and counseling of a female attorney.

Michael Carlucci’s practice focuses mainly on representing clients who have been injured as a result of surgical errors, medical malpractice or negligence. While basing his practice out of New York, Mr. Carlucci has expanded his practice nationally. Mr. Carlucci has a strong medical background as well as many years of success as a litigator, which has given him the skills and experience you need when you are dealing with medical malpractice and other negligence claims.

By choosing the LAWDUO to represent and guide you through your case, you are choosing a sophisticated team of attorneys that has the skills and years of experience it takes to achieve a desired outcome while keep your best interests at heart. Call the LAWDUO today to learn more about how Collopy and Carlucci focuses on competence, compassion and commitment in every case with every client.